Sunday, March 4, 2007


After watching the Oprah episode where they recap the reaction to the Secret show, I realized that one thing that has been mentioned by several of the secret teachers is getting yourself in the right space by thinking about what it is that I am grateful. I wanted to post some of this now and come back in the next day or two (no more than that) with a list of things I am grateful for in my life. I am so easily distracted by, well anything, that I never get around to putting down what is it that is good in my life. In my conversations with others, I am quick to say how lucky we are in general for the things we have.

Things I am grateful for, in no particular order:
Health - I've been so fortunate so far with my health even though I challenge it regularly.
Family - Even though I joke that I love them and how far away they are, I appreciate them and the connection they give me to my past, present and future.
Friends - My friends are people who choose to be a part of my life. In addition to the companionship they provide, they also are my local family providing me with support of all kinds.
Work- I appreciate my job on so many different levels. It provides me with challenges, satisfaction, and outlet to help others and money. It's not so overbearing that I don't have time for things I enjoy, like taking Italian classes or spending time with friends and family.
My home - I love the place where I live and while it's just sticks and stones put together in a really pretty way, it provides a safe and peaceful place for me to go every day.
Cathryn - Cathryn is an amazing person and gives me so much support with laughter and love. I'm not sure if I love the way she makes me laugh more than the fact that she laughs at my jokes, even the bad ones. I'm grateful for laughter too. Laughing makes me happy.
San Francisco - This is the best city and has so many of the things I need to be happy. I can't imagine living anywhere else.
My art - This also makes me happy. I like the idea that I am creating something and putting it out there in the world. I like thinking about it, talking about it and doing it.
The Internet - Okay this one seems a little weird, but I fall back on it all the time. Even trying to come up with this list, I went online and googled it to get ideas to kick start my own gratitude list.

Monday, February 26, 2007


I never really liked setting goals. I'm not sure why I have such an issue with them. Done properly, I've seen people achieve extraordinary things. But not me. I'm stubborn. I'm the one who will snarkily tell people on January 1 that my New Year's Resolution is to never make a New Year's Resolution.

Here are a couple of links with tips on writing goals

I'm going to start posting goals as they come to me and worry about organizing them once there are enough to warrant it. Got any tips you use when setting goals?