Thursday, July 25, 2002

Keeping busy

I've been thinking of things to share for a while. I've been busy working. The last couple of days I have actually had full days where I'm not keeping busy. There is still a lot to learn, but my mind has been more task driven and now I have tangible tasks to do. So I'm happy about that.

I've been working out my plan for a simpler existence. Living with less (eventually, really I'm working on it) and finding ways to live on less. The past couple of months house-sitting with just the bare essential possessions has made me see that it's possible. Sure I still look at things that I think I need, but the desire doesn't burn as hot as it used to.

I've been gathering material to start studying to get certified as a Microsoft Professional. I enjoy learning new things, so I just need to kick it up to the level where I can pass a test on the subject matter. While I do find pleasure in being knowledgeable in many different areas, it's hard to find my focus. It seems like the right time to do that now.

I've been noticing things outside of my head more. I think having more time for quiet introspective is to blame. Just the amount of time I spend in my car is enough. For example there is this one exit ramp off of highway 280 into San Francisco that just scares the shit out of me. It's got a swoopy sort of beginning that dips down before a steep incline that turns to drop down onto Sixth Street. In some ways it's like a roller coaster ride in your car. Often the traffic gets backed up, so you can't get a fast ride. Going slowly this evening I notice how low the barriers were on either side of the exit ramp. I was stunned at the potential danger of this and wondered if anyone ever thought about doing themselves in by forgetting to turn. Dark thoughts. I liked it better when I pretended that I was riding the roller coaster.

On a positive note, we have cracked the third cat. It's only taken a month and a half, but the last cat is letting us pet her and has been 'hunting' leaves and bringing in for us. Rather than just putting them in the compost tin, we've been collecting her 'love' for us in the cast iron kettle that sits on the garbage can. So now they all fight to sit on our laps in the evening and I am escorted upstairs to feed them breakfast every morning. It's just too cute and Cabala and I are enjoying it while we can.

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