Monday, May 17, 2004

Getting in touch with one's natural abilities

Sleeping, napping, catching a few Zs, these are a few of my favorite things. No, I'm not a narcoleptic, I just love to sleep. Without meaning to sound excessively boastful, I'm actually good at this too. I've been noticing that people seem to lose the ability to sleep well as they get older. I often worry that this will happen to me too and feel the need to sleep as much as possible. Crazy? I think not. Most mornings I wake up regretful that I can't fall back in my pillows and wrap myself in the still warm sheets to sleep some more. Even when I get a solid 8 hours of sleep and wake well rested, I love the sensations of lying in a warm bed.

Cancun was a magical vacation in that I was able to indulge in slumber-like activities for days at a time. Here's a typical day:

Wake up around 7 am to the bustle of Mom and Karen (up for hours before) looking to get lotion on hard to reach spots. Get up knowing that after a quick bathroom visit, lotioning and suiting up, I could grab a quick breakfast and be on the beach for my morning nap in no time. I brought 3 books but read only one. I typically lasted about 35-40 minutes before being lulled to sleep by the warm sun and mild breezes coming off the water. I'd wake up for a bio break and a snack only to return for the afternoon portion of the nap. If I found myself restless in the afternoon, I'd go workout until I was tired and get a small nap in before the cocktail hour. After an evening of activity, we would return to the room to read and then sleep some more. Interestingly I had no problem sleeping after all the naps I took early in the day. That's how good I am.

I do believe that we should do what we are good at, but do you think that perhaps I've taken this all too far? Leave a comment, I'm off to take a nap.

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