Tuesday, January 15, 2008

cool gadgets I love and use

Honestly I could probably write a blog about all the cool gadgets I love to use. But I won't because I'd like to appear to be a well-rounded individual. A while back I was catching up on my blog reading and stumbled upon a combo of tools that seemed intriguing. One is called Todoist. It's your basic to do list, but hosted online so that you can get to it, whether you are home, in the office or keeping yourself out of trouble with your mobile device in the waiting room of your dentist's office. Adam at LifeHacker took it a step further and added the plug-in Launchy to the works. Launchy launches stuff off your desktop without your having to find the icon or looking it up in your bookmarks list. It's actually pretty intuitive right from the start, so it was love at first Alt+space when I typed pho and up popped a link to the agency phone directory on our internal Intranet. For the first week, my new 'game' of choice was "stump launchy". I would type stuff to see if it wouldn't work. Then I decided that this game was a tad juvenile and started setting it up to index my music and other data files. The bad side is that I don't really need to organize myself to find things.

While I really don't need any new gadgets, I'd be curious if you are using something else that you feel is cooler or a useful addition to my gadget corral. If you already use these items and are equally enamored, maybe we can start a fan club.

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