Thursday, March 27, 2003

Remember me?

Remember me? I bet some of you are glad you joined my notify list.

Things have been going well. I’ve finished moving into my new place. I still have things to unpack since I seem to have problems getting focused on unpacking. At my last apartment there were at least 4 boxes unpacked in one corner the entire 7 months I was there. I am determined to unpack as many boxes as possible to give myself a more permanent feeling at this house.

I must say that I love this new house. It’s not perfect, but there are so many nice things about it. I like my space, my room and for the most part how it seems to be set up. I feel so much less cramped here, with my TV and stereo in the living room. There are these great pocket doors between my room and the living room. My bedroom is a little dark for my tastes. I’d like to have the morning light (whatever light I can get) in my bedroom as a natural alarm clock, but the design of the room doesn’t really allow for that. So I open the pocket doors during my waking hours to give me more light and to open up the space.

I’m working on getting a new routine down. I’m trying to take the bus from home on my non-gym mornings. It was interesting waiting for the home-bound bus last week with dozens of war protesters marching about. Not exactly the sort of thing I would have encountered on my old commute.

I haven’t figured out where I will put my painting table yet. I’m leaning toward putting it in front of my one bedroom window so that I can get indirect natural light. I’m going to have to measure the top of the drafting table to see if I can get away with that much space in the bedroom though.

Ah, see this is a perfect example of the analytical thought stream that I’ve been in lately. I’ve been making lots of lists to keep up with all the things I want to do. I didn’t actually write ‘Post a Journal Entry’ on my list, so I don’t feel that I’ve gone too far. Yet.

I’ve been volunteering my time once or twice a week, preparing taxes for low income individuals and families. It’s enjoyable, but it takes away a chunk of time smack dab in the middle of my Saturday! I realize now that this would probably make my ex laugh since every year I would whine about having her help me with my taxes. And now I’m doing it for other people in my spare time? Hilarious.

I spent time with my old High School friend, Chris this weekend. He has the most adorable Border/Shetland Collie mix. She’s keeping him on his toes and I hope her sweet temperament will be a good thing for him. I can say it was a good thing for me. I keep thinking that a pet would be cool if I had the time and energy to take care of it. I know that’s not today. I had been thinking of finding a place to live that already had an house pet, but it obviously wasn’t a high priority.

Tell me why I need to post more frequently.

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