Wednesday, June 12, 2002

A whole lotta nothing

One thing I’m noticing is that even without a job, I manage to keep myself busy day after day. Some of it is honest job-hunting activity, but other times it’s just doing the little errands or chores that need to be done. I spoke to Laura who I’m house-sitting for this morning. She had some questions about managing her digital photos. So I had a little fun doing a work related task. They are having fun visiting friends and relatives in the Deep South. In their absence, my fellow house-sitting, Cabala, and I have been wooing, I mean taking care of their 3 cats and minding their house. Even after scrubbing my last place from top to bottom before we left, I still have this occasional urge to clean things. 

I’m not going to get into the details, but we’ve been busy. But this is just my hanging around the house projects. I don’t have a lot of my things with me, so you’d think it would be easier to focus on my key projects. Y’know like getting a job? I got my oil changed yesterday afternoon, since it was about time for that. I needed to buy some yellow thread to mend a favorite t-shirt that got some odd holes in it. Of course I have regular trips to the gym in the morning, but now they end in my lowering the top on my car and driving home enjoying the sunny weather we’ve been having the past couple of weeks. I don’t do this when I have to go to the office in the morning.

I went for a walk with my friend Dorian, which qualifies as exercise (we walk fast) and afterwards tagged along as she went to the pharmacy and supermarket. I got some fruit that I wanted while I was there. I love walking away with a bag full of fruit for under $5. I even picked a perfect banana that I would eat as I waited out on the sunny benches for Dorian to finish her shopping. What a treat! Why don’t I do these sorts of things all the time?

Nothing is happening at breakneck speed in my life right now. I’m a little amazed that I’m enjoying it as much as I am. When I’m working, I get so caught up in the frenzy of the workplace. This is so completely different. I know I’ll start getting really antsy soon. This seemingly relaxed lifestyle isn’t really me. But it sure does feel really good right now. I’m sure someone is thinking that this is just what I need at the moment. My life has been extremely chaotic, so slowing down and enjoying the simpler pleasures, like reading the morning paper as I eat my breakfast at the kitchen table. When I’m at work, breakfast usually occurs over my keyboard as I scan my email and plan my day.

I’m getting back into the habit of keeping track of things like my time, my finances and now even my exercise and food habits. Tomorrow after I do my daily job-search routine, I’m going to organize my papers and room. I’ve got to get used to living in a single room and a little organization is in order. I’m finding myself spreading things out all over the house. Usually not a problem until I forget where I left something. Argh!

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