Friday, August 23, 2002

Busy Busy Busy

I am trying to recover from the past week’s busy-ness. My sister, her husband and 4 1/2 yr old daughter came to visit on their way home from Hawaii. I had the foresight to warn them to bring warm clothes and boy oh boy did we need them! Now I’m the queen of layering when I’m not sure what the weather conditions are going to be. Granted in San Francisco, this can vary from neighborhood to neighborhood. But it was uniformly cold everywhere in the Bay area, so I got to show off all four of my polar fleece tops.

The cold, windy weather aside, we had a great time; riding cable cars, going to the Aquarium by the Bay and the California Academy of Arts and Science, hitting a few cool playgrounds (what did you expect with a 4 year old?), catching a festival in Washington Square Park, and eating lots of great food. It was good being able to spend that much time with them since I couldn’t get away to spend time with them in Hawaii.

Then my house-sitting gig ended. They came back on Wednesday night so I had to get all the boxes, bags and other odd bits from one place to the other. Doing this with a Miata is akin to figuring out how to get a lamb, a chicken and a fox across a lake. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a little, it wasn’t like my important papers would eat my canned goods if I left it alone in my new bedroom, but it was a little tricky deciding what I could do without for the few days it took to be in one place. So I still have a few things to pick up at the house-sitting house, but I am more or less in my new apartment.

I am please to report that I was able to sleep well, so that’s good. I’m always a little restless when sleeping in a new place because of the odd sounds that are part of the normal environment. I am very annoyed that I wasn’t able to get an appointment to get stuff out of my storage containers this weekend. So I’ll be spending time this weekend finding a new storage place on the right side of the bay that allows me to go to it any time 7 days a week to fetch out my stuff. Feh! It’s not a huge deal, I’ll have to go without a microwave for a few more days, not the end of the world, really.

It was odd to have it so quiet yesterday evening while I rearranged my boxes around the room and made my bed. I’m TV-less and music-less aside from the tinny stuff I get from my clock radio. I may be able to focus on my computer studies with this much undisturbed quiet. I don’t tend to focus that much on the TV or radio as it’s mostly background noise. Once my phone line is installed I can use the Internet for my personal distraction. But this might be an interesting experiment for me since I’m noticing how easily distracted I am when it comes to doing certain things.

I’ve also been thinking about going to JournalCon which is happening in San Francisco this year. It doesn’t cost much and wouldn’t interfere with work since it’s happening on a weekend. I’m enjoying this journaling things so far and it might be neat to meet with other like minds.

I’m just going to take a brief moment to nag you all one last time to send me some thoughts about what you’d want to see in the bio section of this journal. Go ahead and follow the link on the right if you haven’t already done so and send me your thoughts. I’ve been looking at other pages and since I often decide if I’m going to read someone’s journal after reading their bio, I thought mine should look better too. Unless you are trying to keep this all for yourself. That’s okay too, I suppose.

Hey, while I'm at it, why don't you join the Notify list too? Go ahead and click on the link on the bottom of the page and put in your email. That way you'll get an email from me when I update. For some of you that might be the only way you'll ever get an email from me with the way you never write back.

Well I thought I had a few more thoughts than this, but y’know what? I’m going to post this now and maybe, just maybe those errant thoughts will return and I’ll do another entry this weekend. Wouldn’t that be cool? I thought so.

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